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For all those funny moments... Sadly we could not translate all of them, but hope you have fun with those:

Ayla: I look in the holonet to find sth. about ponies.
GM: Ok, what exactly are you looking for?
Ayla: Huh? Err.. Well!... Ponies...you know.
GM: You find: the Err-Well-Pony. Domiciled in Dantooine, eats birds and other animals...

GM: (starts to wail)
Wolfgang and Torsten: (look puzzled)
GM: (wails higher)
Wolfgang and Torsten: everything all right?
GM: (wails higher and louder)
Dagmar: well... I... would run away if I were you...
Wolfgang and Torsten: why?
GM: The small robot in front of you explodes!
Wolfgang and Torsten: oh!!

Marvin to Claire: I am your father!

GM: The Shuttle hits the ground with a soft Swooofshssstpffft and...
Torsten,Wolfgang, Dagmar: HOW does it hit the ground?
GM: Swooofshssstpffft

Greedow: (botched a pilot check and mutteres:) I wanna have a droid...
Mirat (understands druid): And what shall it do? Brew magic potions?

Jabba: Why did you warn Claire to give Sheila into my custody, why??
Marvin: Because I think you are an arrogant, blunted, snotty, boastful, egoscentric know-it-all-Jedi!
Jabba: Anything else? I am at peace with myself.
Marvin: Choleric?

The group had a very hard day, and even Greedow drank too much alcohol. The next morning he came out of Ayla's door, half naked and looking very displeased. Marvin's dry comment:
"The force wasn't with you, eh?..."

GM: The snarling white animal jumps on you and hits it's teeth into your leg.
Mara: Is it friendly or hostile?

Greedow (tells Noro about Marvin): he's a nice guy, good for a drink, but you should take care of his tongue.
Noro: Is he a Jedi, too?
Greedow: Err... nooooo... we'd have to change our code, then.

GM (describes): Mainly humans.
Wolfgang: Mainly? Other races as well, then? Children!

Feuer: I am prepared to cover Noro
Noro: I don't need cover!
Greedow: Noro, are you prepared to get out of the way?

Greedow: Let's sleep.
Noro: That's what I'm doing already...

Greedow (a little OOC): Jabba is my best friend, we go and buy shoes together... and make face masks and watch horror movies.. and what do you do with your best friend?
Marvin: Shave our pubes.

On the board there are sweets marking spaceships, as we didn't have enough icons. Torsten is chewing...
Dagmar: Did you nibble our enemies?
Simon: You didn't really eat a Star Destroyer, did you??
Torsten But they taste lovley...

Marvin wants to help a poisoned person and sucks his blood from the open wound.
Greedow (wisely): But spit the blood out, don't swallow.
Marvin: I never swallow!

Torsten The ship is DEAD!
GM: That doesn't bar it from living!

Greedow (completely irritated): Jabba, what happened? You show COMPASSION??!

Dagmar I greet the Imperial with "Heil Hitler" or something like that... only... different...

GM (as a drunk worker): The Imperium blasted Alderaan two years ago!
Greedow: And where?
- Astrogation: 0

Greedow: Claire is harmless as long as you make her feel competent.
- Is she not??

GM (Trying to explain, why Noro had vision where everyone was naked): Well... that is very spiritistic.
Mara: That's not spiritistic, that's nudistic!

GM (To show that Claire is helping in an escape): Claire halved the guards.
All: yikes!.
- Claire and blood go together in the player's minds somehow.

Marvin talks incoherently about the Seraphima on Thule.
Greedow subsumes: So when we touch this black liquid, we are all going to become genderless women?
- what the hell is a "genderless woman"?!

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