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This is the treasure chest for all game masters. You are going to find a lot of information (with the d20 stats) of ships, locations, equipment and other rules. We even invented some prestige-classes you might find useful.
You may use the information found here for your own roleplaying game and share it with your friends. But please notice, that all drawings and also the content of those pages here are copyrighted by us. So you may not use them beyond your game and we don't want to find any of our contents on other websites without permission.
All game master material here was created for StarWars d20 modern. We are going to expand some rules to Star Wars Saga as soon as the book is available in Germany. To which system the informations refer is going to be marked up.
Please notice as well, that you will only find rule enhancements here. For the basic rulebook and official rules please ask your bookseller for Star Wars d20 products ;o)


Not made by us, but nevertheless great:

  • Ed Friedlander's Character Generator (thank you Ed for the permission to link to your page!)
  • Creative List of Names von The Rancor Pit: (please copy the link, we don't want to set a hyperlink because there are some violations of copyright). A great page for d6 players, too.
  • Stellarium - Stellarium is a program that is used by planetariums to simulate the night sky. It shows constellations and more - and is totally free.
  • Celestia also is a planetarium program and freeware. You can travel to several planets and there are also some Star Wars addons available (e.g. Coruscant, Star Destroyers) here: Star Wars Addons für Celestia.

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