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Contact and Imprint

Responsible for these pages are:

Design, Layout, Grafics, Drawings, Contents:
Dagmar Bittner
Ludwig-Feuerbach-Str. 8
90489 Nürnberg, Germany

Design, Contents:
Simon Goebels
Neue Str. 54
91054 Erlangen, Germany

For contact please use the formula or delete ~, °, / in the email-addresses and change (ät) to @.

We are not responsible for the contents of the pages we linked to. The linked pages were checked for illegal content before we linked them. If you find any illegal content please contact us and we will delete the page immediately!
All drawings and grafics on these pages were created by Dagmar Bittner (Szandor's Requiem) unless mentioned otherwise. None of the contents here may be used without permission. That means especially that you may NOT put any of the contents here on your own website, neither text nor grafics. If you want to use something, please contact us, we don't bite.
Our characters, ships, GM-material is meant to be used in private by all role-players (but in private only!) So you may e.g. use the drawings for your own character sheets or collect ideas from our stories for your own adventures, use prestige classes etc. But we don't want to find our drawings in the internet again.
There is one restriction for online-rpgs. If you want to use one of our character drawings as an avatar in a forum etc., you may do this, but only if you link to us in the signature as follows: "Avatar provided by http://www.jawascrypt.de.vu".