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Link exchange

If you are interested in a link exchange, please write your request into the guestbook. Our team will discuss about this then and tell you whether you were accepted or not. Please note that we only add pages that don't break copyrights and show genuine ideas, so e.g. pages with movie screenshots are going to be refused.
In future, the English page will link to English websites, the German page to German websites.

Ed Friedlander's Character Generator for D20-StarWars-Characts

TORIS - The Outer Rim Infonet Service. A huge pool for GM material especially for the d6 system, but also interesting for d20 players.
A clever and well thought little online-tool for quick character developing.

Eine Website rund um Pen&Paper Rollenspiele. Mit vielen Infos, SL-Hilfen, Witzigem und einer großen Linkliste.

Karins Korner
Eine wunderschöne kreative und liebevoll gestaltete Homepage mit vielen Fantasy-Zeichnungen, Infos über Rollenspiel und süße Frettchen!

Jedipediawww.jedipedia.de ist ein wiki-Lexikon nur für StarWars. Reinschauen und mitmachen lohnt sich!!

Star Wars Union
StarWars-Union.de ist eine inoffizielle Fansite für StarWars die vor allem viele News beherbergt. Die Betreiber haben uns freundlicherweise gestattet, die Sabaccregeln auf unserer Website darstellen zu dürfen.
  • Stellarium - Stellarium is a program that is used by planetariums to simulate the night sky. It shows constellations and more - and is totally free.
  • Celestia also is a planetarium program and freeware. You can travel to several planets and there are also some Star Wars addons available (e.g. Coruscant, Star Destroyers) here: Star Wars Addons für Celestia.

Responsible for the linked pages here are the webmasters of each page. At the time we linked to the websites, they showed no illegal contents. If you find any illegal contents on any of these pages, please contact us and we will delete the link immediately.